Top 7 Best Dishwasher in India in 2022 | Exciting List

AVERAGE RATINGS OF THESE 7 Dishwashers: 4.5/5

MARCH 2022, Updated List

Out of These 7 Dishwasher, The two winners are No.1 Bosch Dishwasher & No. 2 LG Dishwasher. And after that No. 3 IFB Dishwasher.

If you are finding the best dishwasher, but you don’t know which are the best dishwasher in India, then you are in the right place. This article will be the ultimate guide to buy the best dishwasher for your home. Also we have compared different dishwashers so that you can select the ideal dishwasher.

Here you will find the top 7 Best Dishwasher in India, which are extremely popular and has some outstanding reviews and ratings on Amazon.

After looking at 100s of different dishwashers, our team has shortlisted these top 7 best dishwashers. These are the most ruling products with outstanding features and uncompromising cleaning performance at an affordable price.

best dishwasher in india

Table of Contents

Comparison Table of Dishwashers

Here is a comparison table. After this we have given detail review of each product.

Dishwasher BrandsNo. of settingsWarrantyBuilt material
1. Bosch Dishwasher12 place2 yearsStainless steel
2. LG Dishwasher14 place2 yearsStainless steel
3. IFB Neptune12 place2 yearsgalvanized iron
4. Samsung Dishwasher13 place2 yearSteel
5. Godrej EON Dishwasher8 place2 yearsStainless steel
6. Faber Dishwasher12 place2 yearsStainless steel
7. Amazon Basics12 place2 yearsStainless steel

7+ Best Dishwashers in India 2022:

Now we will discuss each and every aspect, product details, along with pros and cons. Let us begin the journey.

1. Bosch Dishwasher, 13 place settings

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Overall Rating: 4.8/5

Extremely Popular Dishwasher. No doubt the performance is great.

If you like oily and masala foods, then washing plates is a headache for you. But no more headache, Bosch Dishwasher is capable of cleaning any utensils efficiently. The model is truly one of the best dishwashers in India.

Bosch model comes with 12 place settings where you can store lots of utensils like dishes, bowls, glasses, tea cup, knife, forks, spoon, tall glass, etc. This one is ideal for families up to 6 members. Take a look at some of the delightful features of this dishwasher.

Bosch Dishwasher


  • 12 space settings
  • Colour: silver inox
  • Energy consumption: 1.45 Kwh
  • Stainless steel
  • VarioSpeed, Aqua sensor
  • Express Sparkle, Hygienic Wash

Warranty and Services:  Bosch offers 2 years of comprehensive warranty on the product

Hygienic wash: Now speaking about the cleaning performance, The dishwasher provides excellent cleaning and hygienic wash. After complete washing, your dishes and glasses will be completely free of germs and bacteria. The water temperature reaches 70 degrees Celsius while washing, which surely kills all the germs and bacteria.

Saves Water: When it comes to save water, this dishwasher is also a great choice. Usually, manual washing takes around 60 liters of water to clean, but Bosch dishwasher uses only 9.5 liters of water to clean all the utensils.

VarioSpeed: ensures to clean all the appliances in the minimum possible time.

Aqua Sensor: It automatically detects the stains and soiling level of plates and according to that adjusts the usage of water. For heavy soiled cookware and dishes, the program is also compelling so that you get a very clean utensil.

Convenience: The model is extremely convenient, easy to operate so that even your kids can manage this.


  • 6 pre-set wash programs and 12 place settings
  • Excellent cleaning performance
  • Noise level is low (only 52 DB) along with low power consumption
  • Water softening device also there (for hard water)
  • Child lock safety is also provided
  • Water usage is very low for this appliance (consume only 10 L of water)


  • No such cons found

Another variant model of Bosch Dishwasher is: Bosch 13 place setting dishwasher model, white, overall performance is almost similar, except the white color. White color looks really cool.

Bosch 12 place dishwasher

Why you should buy this:

Bosch 12 place dishwasher has sufficient space to store large utensils like kadhai, etc. The body is made up with stainless steel which makes the dishwasher extremely durable. Bosch dishwasher cost is quite affordable, and you get washable programs, child lock feature etc. Also it is the Bestselling Amazon Dishwasher with some outstanding reviews and ratings.

Comparison: Another Bosch 12 place setting dishwasher model, White. The features and functionalities of white model is exactly similar to this silver inox model and the only difference is the color. So, it is up to you which color you like the most.

2. LG Dishwasher, 14 Place Settings, Wifi Dishwasher

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Overall Rating: 4.7/5

Extremely Popular as well as the performance is really awesome, with bigger size than Bosch dishwasher and wifi compatibility. If you have high budget then this one is a great choice.

LG is a big name and one of the reputed brands. Though it is a South Korean brand but extremely famous in India. People love to buy LG products because of the uncompromising quality of appliances.

The model has some mesmerizing features. And this is pretty obvious to say that the LG model also one of the best dishwashers in India. Let us have a look at each element that LG offers.

LG 14 Place Settings Dishwasher (DFB424FP, Platinum Silver)


  • 14 space settings
  • Colour: platinum silver
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Inverter direct drive
  • Smart ThinQ, True Stream

Warranty and Services:  2 years of comprehensive warranty on the product and 10 years warranty on motor

The LG dishwasher has a modern look that surely enhances the beauty of your kitchen. Storage capacity is a huge LG model that comes with 14 place settings. So, this one is ideal for large families of 7 to 8 members.

Inverter Direct Drive: The model is specially designed with an inverter drive motor. It has very few rotating parts, which tend to quiet operation.

SmartThinQ: is one of the impressive features. You can connect the mobile with the dishwasher and operate it by using your mobile.

True Steam: The steam reaches to each corner of the dishes and vessels which leads to sparkling clean utensils.

Easy Racks plus: The shelves of the dishwasher are adjustable. You can easily adjust the shelves and racks for your convenience.


  • Storage capacity is large due to 14 place settings
  • Luxurious appearance
  • 2 modern and unique features- SmartThinQ & Inverter direct drive
  • Shelves and racks are adjustable, foldable and removable
  • High cleaning performance and low power consumption (energy efficient dishwasher)
  • Along with product warranty, you are getting additional warranty on motor


  • Little bit expensive

Why you should buy this:

LG dishwasher also comes with modern and advance features like inverter direct drive, smart ThinQ, etc. The dishwasher has 14 places setting, so there is a huge space to wash lots of utensils in one wash. Other than that it comes with stunning appearance. And lastly, the washing performance of the dishwasher is exceptionally awesome.

Comparison: The major difference between LG and other model is LG dishwasher has 14 place settings. It has more space for washing utensils. Other than that this model has great features but the price is also high.

3. IFB Neptune 12 Place Settings

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Overall Rating: 4.6/5

The Dishwasher is also excellent and gives a good competition to Bosch & LG Dishwasher. We kept this in third position because of the price. The price of Bosch & LG is comparably high as compared to IFB Dishwasher.

IFB comes with some unique, innovative features with an aesthetic appearance. IFB dishwasher has a high degree of energy efficiency and saves an enormous amount of water also saves human efforts.

The upper baskets are height adjustable. You can adjust the shelves and racks as per your requirement, which increases the flexibility for the users.

IFB Dishwasher


  • 12 space settings
  • Colour: dark silver
  • Energy consumption: 1.26 Kwh
  • Material: Vinyl coated galvanized iron
  • Super energy efficiency
  • Half load option
  • Eco Wash

Warranty and Services:  2 years of comprehensive warranty on the product

Quick Wash: this feature enables you to wash the dishes in just 40 minutes quickly. And jet washer mode is a fast and efficient cleaning mode for the greasy utensils like milk cup, tea cup, etc.

Flexible half load: Use the flexible half load option when you have fewer dishes, cups or glasses and also you can use this program to save energy and water.

Super energy efficiency: IFB dishwasher reduces the electricity bill by a reasonable amount because it comes with an A++ energy efficiency rating.

Eco Wash: using this feature, you can wash the loads in minimum resources (detergent, water).

Steam Drying: this attribute vaporizes all the moistures from the dishes. So, after completion of washing, you will get perfectly dried and fresh utensils.

The noise and commotion level are low when this dishwasher operates.


  • Sparkling clean performance
  • Bright LED display
  • Perfect for Indian kitchen
  • Height-adjustable racks
  • Flexible Half load wash


  • Not suitable for non-sticky containers

Why you should buy this:

IFB dishwasher has excellent cleaning performance with a luxurious design, and it comes with some advance and innovative features (like Half load, Eco wash, etc.). Other than that the dishwasher has outstanding energy efficiency. Overall you get high cleaning performance with the lowest possible electricity consumption, so the product is great.

Comparison: IFB and Bosch both model has similar size (12 place) with similar features. But the notable difference is in energy efficiency. The IFB model consume less energy which is plus point over the Bosch dishwasher but Bosch dishwasher has better cleaning performance.

4. Samsung Dishwasher, 13 Place Settings

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Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Look is very good and the performance is also good. Size is bigger which is plus point of this dishwasher.

Samsung model has similar features like other dishwashers with some slight modifications. Samsung dishwasher comes with intelligent 6th sense technology which makes sure excellent cleaning performance with a saving of water and human efforts.

Samsung Dishwasher


  • 13 space settings
  • Colour: white
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Intelligent 6th sense technology
  • Power clean pro, Delay start

Warranty and Services:  2 years of warranty on the product

It has 13 place settings, so the storage capacity also huge in this model.

PowerClean Pro Technology: clean power tech uses high-pressure spray through the nozzles resulting in sparkling fresh dishes. And also Samsung dishwasher provides safe and hygienic wash by eliminating 99% germs and bacterias from the dishes.

Delay Start: by using this feature, you can set a time at which you want to start the washing process of the plates.

Other features are almost similar like, 8 different types of washing programs, save water, rinsing mode, etc.


  • Stunning elegant design
  • Water usage is very less
  • Electronic delay timer, and steam drying
  • High cleaning efficiency
  • Huge space available
  • 8 different pre-set cleaning programs


  • Little bit noisy operation

Why you should buy this:

The Samsung dishwasher is extremely water efficient and energy efficient appliance. It has 6th sense technology which ensures greater performance. Apart from that, the appearance of the dishwasher is also gorgeous. And lastly, it has 14 place setting so you can wash lots of items at a time.

5. Godrej EON Dishwasher, 8 Place setting

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Overall Rating: 4.5/5

It is also a great choice after Bosch & LG dishwashers. If you need small sized dishwasher then it is excellent. The price is significantly low compared to Bosch & LG.

Godrej dishwasher has 8 place settings, which is ideal for 3 to 4 members. The control panel is touch-sensitive and waterproof.

Godrej Dishwasher


  • 8 space settings
  • Colour: black
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • 6 wash programs

Warranty and Services: 2 years of comprehensive warranty on the product and 5 years warranty on motor

The toughness and durability of the dishwasher is extremely high due to stainless steel body, and also it increases the lifespan of the appliance.

The Godrej EON dishwasher has inbuilt water heater which increases the temperature of water. And after that washing cycle goes with the warm water. The warm water kills all the bacteria and germs from the vessels and provide 99.9% germ free vessels. It performs efficient cleaning by warm water and removes all the germs.

Other features are almost similar, which I already described, that is why I don’t want to repeat again. For more information, you directly go to Amazon by clicking the link below “See price on Amazon”.


  • Water proof touch screen control panel, gives you premium experience.
  • 8 place settings suitable for small Indian families.
  • Efficient and germ-free cleaning.
  • Perfect for Indian utensils.
  • Saves water and the power consumption is also low.


  • Small storage space.

Why you should buy this:

The dishwasher has eight place settings, so it is suitable only for small families. The touch screen control panel is waterproof. Other than that, it provides germ free cleaning. And lastly, it has good performance and consumes less amount of electricity.

6. Faber 12 Place Setting Dishwasher

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Overall Rating: 4.4/5

Overall a decent Dishwasher.

Faber is one of the famous brands. Faber dishwasher comes 8 wash programs. You can wash all types of utensils like steel vessels, glassware, or ceramic dishes.

Faber 12 Place setting


  • 12 space settings
  • Colour: silver
  • Material: steel
  • 8 wash programs
  • Half load wash

Warranty and Services:  Faber offers 2 year of comprehensive warranty on the product

Dishwasher has ample space to store lots of utensils because of 12 place settings that is suitable for family consist of 4 or more members.

Half load Washes: when you have fewer utensils, by selecting this mode, you can reduce the water usage and save water along with electricity. When you manually wash the utensils with hands, then you consume almost 60 litres of water while if you use Faber dishwasher, then it will only consume 10 to 12 litres of water. If there is less amount of water supply in your area then this mode will be helpful for you.

LED display: The bright LED display helps you to determine the remaining time, detergent level, and many more.

The dishwasher eliminates all the germs from the vessels. And also it saves water, energy, and human resources. The noise level while washing is 65 dB and the noise level while spinning is 35 dB. So, the operation is not noisy.


  • Bright LED screen, steam drying option is available
  • Outstanding cleaning performance
  • Energy efficient dishwasher with excellent cleaning performance
  • Ideal for Indian utensils
  • Saves water


  • No major cons.

Why you should buy this:

The dishwasher has 12 places setting, so there is sufficient space to store vessels, dishes, and large equipment. Along with that, you will get eight different washable programs. Other than that, the noise level is also low during operation. And lastly, it has optimal cleaning result with good energy efficiency.

7. Amazon Basics 12 Place settings Dishwasher

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Overall Rating: 4.2/5

Attractive looking Dishwasher with Overall good performance.

Amazon Basics products manufacturers are becoming famous day by day for their innovative solutions with simple, elegant and attractive design.

Amazon Basics Dishwasher


  • 12 space settings
  • Colour: white
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • 6 different wash programs
  • Load sensors & Aqua sensors

Warranty and Services:  You will get 2 years of comprehensive warranty on the product

The warm water (70 degrees Celcius) ensures to liberate all the germs and bacteria from the vessels and adequately sanitize the utensils.

It includes 12 place settings where you can store all your bowls and dishes, spoons irrespective of their sizes. It has 6 wash programs and 4 pre-set options for heavily soiled utensils, half load option for fewer dishes, rinse cycle etc.

Load and Aqua sensors: Using this feature the dishwasher will determine the quantity of dinner plates, glasses and bowls then adjust the water consumption as per the requirement of the load options.


  • Save time, energy and human efforts
  • The flexible half load option
  • The fast and efficient cleaning operation
  • Automatic detergent detection


  • No such cons found

Why you should buy this:

Amazon Basics is a popular brand for its uncompromising quality, and the performance of Amazon Basics dishwasher is also fantastic. Six washable programs with four preset options are there. The water consumption is also low. It provides clean, hygienic performance, without any bacteria or germs. Overall the dishwasher is great.

Buying Guide – Best Dishwasher in India


The dishwasher is one of the essential kitchen appliances after the washing machines. It reduces human effort, saves time, and also saves water wastage. These are some benefits of having a dishwasher in your home.

You saw the list top 7 dishwashers. Now if you don’t have prior knowledge of different features and functionalities of a dishwasher, then it won’t be very clear for you to select the suitable one. That is why here are 10 most important aspects to know before buying the best dishwasher in India.

Must take a look at these aspects, because it will help you to understand more about the dishwasher and after that, you can easily select the best one for you.

1. Different Sizes

There are different sizes of dishwashers available in the market like 8 places, 12 places, 14 places, 16 places settings. The first and foremost thing is to determine how many members belong to your family? What is the size of your family? Either you have a small or medium or large joint family.

How many vessels are you going to clean every day?

After answering to these questions you can easily decide which size is suitable for you. Just see the data table below.

Here is a comparative data.

  • A small family (2 to 3 members) – 8 place settings
  • Medium family (4 to 6 members) – 10 to 12 place settings
  • A large family (higher than 6 members) – 14 to 16 place settings
FamilyMembersSize of Dishwasher
(Place settings)
Small2 to 3 members8 place settings
Medium4 to 6 members10 to 12 place settings
Large above 6 members14 to 16 place settings

From here you can decide which size of the dishwasher is ideal for you. And remember one thing that if you need to wash large and heavy utensils (like kadhai, etc), then you should go for a higher size dishwasher though you have a small family.

2. Different Types

Built-in Dishwasher:

It is the permanent fitting to your kitchen, and you can not move the dishwasher as you want. If you have your own house, then this one is perfect.

After installing the dishwasher you can not move it. So, make sure to choose the proper location of the dishwasher.

Portable dishwasher:

From the name, you can understand that this type of dishwasher is the movable one. So, you can move the portable freestanding dishwasher as per your requirement.

These types are suitable for those who live in the rental apartment, and they may have a future plan to migrate to a different house. Or if you have your own house then also this is a good choice.

So, anyone can purchase portable dishwashers. But for built-in dishwasher make sure that you have your own house and you don’t have any future plan of migration.

Countertop dishwasher:

The countertop dishwasher has a small and compact design and comes in smaller sizes of 4 place setting suitable only for small families. Countertop dishwashers are portable so that you can change the position easily.

The counter model’s inner space is significantly less, so you should avoid countertop dishwasher if you have a big family.

3. Materials

Dishwashers are made up of different materials like steel, stainless steel, galvanized iron, etc. The most toughened and durable one is stainless steel. And stainless steel materials are rust-proof materials which makes the dishwasher a long-lasting appliance.

But that does not mean other materials are inadequate. Other materials are also durable and excellent. You can opt for any material.

4. Control Panels:

In a dishwasher, there are mainly two places where you can find the control panel. Either it is the front side of the door (Visible), or it is behind the door (hidden). The hidden control panel is visible when the door is opened.

There are certain benefits of the hidden control panel. It provides a fresh outlook. But you can not measure the performance while the dishwasher is operating because the door is closed.

And if the control panel is placed in front of the door, then you can measure the performance but, in this case, the fresh outlook is missing. So, there are some pros and cons of both types.

The visible control panels are very much popular. You will find most of the dishwasher with a visible control panel. Also, there are two types of the visible control panel. The first one is the push button control panel. And the second is the touch control panel. The touch control panel gives a premium look to your dishwasher. But remember, don’t judge the dishwasher with just control panel design. After all you just need to control it either it is touch, or it is push button panel.

5. Shelves and Racks

The dishwasher comes with fixed and adjustable racks. Simply fixed racks where you can load your utensils, but you can not change the position of the racks. And in case of adjustable racks there are variable load options are available and the position of shelves and racks you can change as per your requirements.

6. Drying Methods:

There are many different types of drying techniques used in other dishwashers. Though 3 of them are the most common types of drying mechanism. 

  • Fan blower: In some dishwashers, a fan is used to eliminate water molecules from the bowls and dishes. This fan blower technique takes a little bit more time than other approaches to dry the utensils. But if you are using any plastic utensils, then this drying technology is the best option. The reason you will know in the next context.
  • Heat: After completion of washing, a steel plate is there whose temperature automatically rises and removes all the liquids from the vessel. This technique takes significantly less time to dry. But one drawback is that you can’t use plastic utensils for this type of drying technique because it may damage the plastic dishes or bowls or glass along with the dishwasher.
  • Condensation: Condensation drying technology is the most economical and advanced drying technique. It will condense the water molecules and liquids from the vessels. And it does not matter which type of utensils you are using (either steal or clay or plastic).

Nowadays, either condensation or fan blower type drying mechanism is mostly used because all the types of utensils like tall glasses, spoons, forks, soup bowls, dinner plates, etc can be dried through these mechanisms. 

And you don’t have to think so much about this before buying a dishwasher. Because we make your task easy and selected the best drying mechanism dishwashers only, in this list, all the dishwasher has the best drying mechanism, and you can use any utensils.

7. Indicators: 

The indicators are used for your convenience and to alert you after completion of the washing process. Mainly two types of indicators are there; one is after the completion of the washing process. And the second one is after completion of the drying process.

And you can also turn off the indicators if you don’t want to be notified by the dishwasher.

8. Energy Efficiency:

Energy efficiency is nothing but a BEE rating of the appliance. BEE stands for Bureau of Energy Efficiency. In all machine, there is the energy efficiency of that appliance.

Using Energy efficiency rating, we can determine how much the appliance is efficient for the electricity. And if a dishwasher has higher energy efficiency, then it will consume lower electricity in one wash cycle.

As you use the dishwasher for a long time (let say 3 or 4 years) the energy efficiency will gradually decrease and it is not your fault this will happen to every appliance.

So, try to buy an appliance with higher energy efficiency, this will cost you more money at purchase time, but you will save a lot more money after that in terms of the electricity bill. In this list, all of the dishwashers have incredibly great energy efficiency. And these dishwashers consume lower electricity than other dishwashers.

9. Manufacturer warranty and support: 

It is also a crucial aspect which you must see before buying the dishwasher. Generally, the warranty and support for a dishwasher are 2 years. But in some products company gives 1 year warranty also. In this list, you will know the warranty services of each and every product. But if you are buying a different dishwasher, then you must see the warranty for that product.

10. Budget: 

As we already told that the dishwasher is a little bit expensive appliance. And a reasonable dishwasher cost varies between 20 thousand to 50 thousand. So before buying it, your budget must be clear to you. How much you want to spend on this appliance. And if you have sufficient funding, then you can buy a dishwasher with more features. 

Summarizing all the features and the functionalities:

All the elements are already described above. But for your convenience here, I am shortly describing some of the essential functions.

Smart ThinQ: You can operate the dishwasher with your mobile phone using internet Wi-Fi. This feature become handy when you are at remote location. And apart from that if there are any software issues in the dishwasher, then it will automatically troubleshoot the problem. You just need to connect it with the servers using the mobile app.

Half Load: When you have fewer bowls, dinner plates, you can save water and energy by using the Half load feature. And also this feature reduces the washing time. Manual hand washing takes 60 litres of water while dishwashing takes only 10 to 12 litres of water.

Delay Start: You can program the dishwasher to operate in a specific time. And at the specific time the dishwasher will automatically starts and wash the utensils.

Load & Aqua Sensors: Load sensor will sense the number of total items inside the dishwasher, and the aqua sensor will adjust the water consumption as per the requirements of the load. So, you don’t have to set the consumption of water manually. It will automatically determine that.

Adjustable Shelves & Racks: The racks and shelves are removable, foldable and adjustable for your convenience. You can easily change the position and height of this adjustable racks and shelves.

Hygienic wash: The water temperature raises to 70 degrees Celsius, resulting from liberating all the germs and bacteria from the vessels. And you will get a fresh, clean vessels without any germs or bacteria. When you are washing your kid’s equipment like bottles, glasses, and tall glasses, etc. then this feature will take care of the hygiene.

Water Saving: usually manual washing takes 60 L of water, but by this feature, you can save an enormous amount of water. It only consumes 10 L water.

Energy Saving: as the name implies, this feature will reduce your electricity bill by a reasonable amount without compromising with the cleaning quality.

Dry utensils: After completion of washing a fan is there which evaporates all the water particles. So, you get dry tools.

Child Lock: So, to safeguard baby members in your family, child lock function is available in some of the models. You can lock the door of the dishwasher, and the kids can not access or open the door.

Mesh Filter: Some of the dishwashers come with mesh filters, eliminating all the dust particles from the dishwasher and ensuring that the dishwasher remains in a clean state. This filter also helps to improve the performance and even the lifespan of the dishwasher. 

Water Softening devices: few dishwashers are hard water compatible. And some dishwasher comes with water softening devices, which will ease the hard water because washing utensils using hard water is a typical work, so we need to soften this hard water.

Different types of Wash Programs

Heavy Wash Program: when you have greasy pots or oily dishes, or oily spoon then you can use this program. This mode requires more water and more power. By using this washable program you can remove any hard stains from the heavy utensil like kadhai.

Regular Wash Program: The ordinary operation mode of the dishwasher is the regular wash mode. It usually takes 2 hours to clean all the vessels. And it consumes low electricity. This washable program is excellent for regular cleaning.

Quick Wash Program: By using this mode you can quickly complete the whole washing process. It usually takes around 45 to 60 minutes. But this mode is not ideal for oily or greasy vessels. And it consumes more electricity than the regular washable program.

Energy Saving Wash Program: If you want to reduce your electricity bill Then this mode is excellent because this will save a reasonable amount of energy. But again, this is not suitable for oily or greasy pots. For oily and greasy pots heavy wash program is the only option.

Rinse mode: The rinse mode helps to eliminate dirt or soil from the dishes. And you will get sparkling clean dishes due to the rinse mode.

Sanitization mode: The dishwasher kills all the bacteria and germs from the dishes, bowls, glasses, dinner plates and other vessels, by spraying warm water, and the items will be 99.9% germ and bacteria free.

Tips for selecting the best dishwasher for you:

You saw the list of the top 7 best dishwashers in India. Also, we discussed the buying guide. Now, if you are still confused to select the best one for you. Then you can follow these steps to choose the best one which is suitable for you.

First, decide how many family members do you have. And how many utensils you are going to wash on a daily basis. After knowing this, you can determine the size of the dishwasher (simply number of place settings) suitable for you.

Secondly, decide what your budget is. If your budget is high, then you should go for a dishwasher with a higher number of features and washable programs. But if your budget is low, then check the cost of each product and then decide. Godrej EON 8 place setting model is a quite affordable one yet a good performing dishwasher. But you get a little bit less storage space.

So, choose the model as per your requirements. We have designed the list in such a way that every people can find a suitable dishwasher model for them. Hope that you will find the best dishwasher model according to your needs.

Components inside a dishwasher:

We are providing complete knowledge about the dishwasher so you should also know about different components of the dishwasher before buying the best dishwasher in India. To describe this, we have taken Bosch Dishwasher as a reference.

1. Top cutlery drawer: An additional drawer for the cutlery at the top side of the dishwasher.

2. Top basket: Suitable for loading items like glass, plastic, crockery, etc.

3. Spray arms: It sprays warm water at high pressure to wash the utensils efficiently.

4. Bottom basket: Here you can place larger utensils like cooker, kadhais, pots, pans, etc. This compartment has the largest storage capacity.

5. Filter system: The filter system resists the scraps from entering the pump and damaging it. Also, provide a clean and hygienic wash.

6. Detergent dispenser: It dispenses the detergent that helps in rinsing dirty dishes.

7. Rinse aid dispenser: Rinse aid prevents water from forming droplets and helps in drying.

So, these are the main interior components of a dishwasher. We have given a lot of knowledge about dishwasher along with the list of the best dishwasher in India. Hope that you are enjoying this.

Precautions before using dishwasher:

The dishwasher’s cost is high, and if you do not maintain it properly, then the dishwasher’s performance will reduce gradually. Even it may get damaged. So it is better to know the precautions before buying or before using it for the first time. Here are some precautions.

  • Right detergent: The detergent of the dishwasher is different from manual hand washing detergents. And it is advisable not to use the manual hand washing detergents. You can easily find a suitable detergent liquid for a dishwasher in the market. And if you use the manual handwashing detergents, you will not get proper cleaning performance, and the dishwasher’s performance will also gradually reduce.
  • Use earthing and proper wiring: when you operate the dishwasher, it is very natural that the dishwasher will contact water. And you will also touch the control panels with your wet hands. So, your house must have proper earthing and proper wiring connection because it will protect the dishwasher from a short circuit. And your dishwasher will not get damaged easily.
  • Cleaning of the dishwasher: Cleaning is also essential because, after some days, there will be an accumulation of residues that you have to clean. And if you do not clean that, then also performance will go down. And you don’t get sparkling clean vessels. You don’t need to clean the dishwasher on a regular basis, but you have to follow a schedule to clean the dishwasher. You can clean it once a month or twice a month. And in the frequently asked question, we have described how to clean the dishwasher. So, you must check that. You can also check the guidelines to clean a dishwasher. 

These are some of the precautions which you should try to follow. If you follow these precautions then it will be beneficial for you.

How to use a dishwasher?

If you are using a dishwasher for the first time, you must know how to use it. Here is a step by step guide that how can you use the dishwasher efficiently.

Step 1: Now you have just installed the dishwasher, you first have to observe each dishwasher. Observe the soap space, observe the control panel buttons, observe the door (if you don’t know how to open it, then check a YouTube video).

Step 2: After knowing different parts of the dishwasher, you have to learn how to operate it. Open the door carefully, then open the racks and load the dishes. And after loading dishes, close the shelves & the door gently. Make sure that the door is closed correctly.

Step 3: Now get dishwasher detergent and put it into the soap space. After that, close the soap space.

Step 4: Plug in the wire and switch it on. 

Step 5: Now, choose the wash cycle using the control panel and wait to complete that cycle. After completion, open the door and take the dishes. You will get your sparkling clean dishes.

This is just a simple tutorial about how to use a dishwasher. You can also check a YouTube video or read the user manual’s guidelines before using it for the first time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked question about Dishwasher. These questions will help you to know more about dishwashers.

dishwasher faq

How long it will take to wash the utensils?

It is the most common question which people ask before buying a dishwasher. The dishwasher usually takes 45 minutes to 3 hours to complete a cycle. It depends on how many utensils do you have to wash and also depends on the stains.

Honestly speaking the dishwasher takes a long time to wash. If you have small utensils like dishes or glasses, then also it will take one hour to one and a half hours.

You should know this before buying a dishwasher. What you can do is load the dishes, pots, and other items and start the dishwasher. It will take 10 minutes to load the dishwasher and start the cycle. And after that do your other tasks.

It will take the time it does not mean that dishwashers are useless. The dishwasher is one of the essential appliances because it will reduce your lots of effort. That is why dishwashers are becoming more popular all over the world. So, you should one an excellent dishwasher from the best dishwasher in India list.

Which are the best dishwasher brands in India?

In the list, all of the brands are the best dishwasher brands. Bosch, Siemens, Samsung, LG, Faber, Godrej, etc, these are one of the oldest most popular, and reputed brands in India. Along with that they provide exceptionally great servicing. Other brands are also good but these are the best brands. So try to purchase dishwasher from these brands only.

How to choose the best dishwasher in India?

To figure out the answer to this question, we already show you the list of the top 7 best dishwasher in India. These models are the legendary models and dominate the whole market of the dishwasher from 1 to 2 years.

Our goal is to help you to make the correct decision, that is why we described all the features, warranty service, pros, and cons of each model. And also, we explained the Buying Guide and Frequently Asked Questions.

Now, you can easily select the ideal dishwasher as per your requirement from this top 7 models.

How much electricity does the dishwasher consume?

It actually depends on the size of the dishwasher and how many utensils you want to wash on a daily basis. All brands try to reduce the consumption of energy to provide you efficient performance. Usually, a dishwasher consumes 1 to 2.5 kWh per wash, which is way less amount.

If you want to reduce the electricity consumption then one tip is to try to load all of the utensils in one wash only. If you use it twice or thrice without fully loaded vessels then it consumes a lot of electricity.

Does it really remove hard strains or oil from the vessels?

Yes. It will altogether remove any hard strains by using warm water. You don’t need to do anything. Just you have to select the heavy wash mode. And it is very easy to remove the hard stains in the dishwasher as compared to manual hand washing.

If you clean your dishes and vessels manually by your hand, then you know that it is very typical work to remove any hard stains. Removing hard stains are tough and time consuming in case of manual wash, but if you are using a dishwasher, then it will be very easy to wash the hard stains.

Does the dishwasher have sufficient space to wash large utensils like kadhai?

Yes, you will get 2 baskets that can store extensive tools like kadhai, pans, etc. And if you need to wash more than one kadhai or large utensils then you can for the higher sizes like 12 place or 14 place dishwashers.

You don’t need to think about this because dishwasher has sufficient space to store large utensils. But when you load large utensils, then you can not store many utensils because the large utensils take huge space inside the dishwasher.

So, you can wash large utensils in one cycle. And after completion of that, you can wash other small utensils.

Is it safe to buy a dishwasher online?

100% safe. But make sure that you are purchasing the dishwasher from a reputed website like Amazon or other. And that is why I only give the links to the Amazon website. Amazon is the most trusted website.

How to prevent rust spots in the dishwasher?

During the wash cycle if the tub of dishwasher comes in contact with the silverware then it may creates rust spots. So, try to avoid any direct contact of silverware with the tub.

Does dishwasher create noise?

Any mechanical device such as dishwasher, washing machine, etc creates some noises. And you can not escape from that rather you can minimize that. So, there is some dishwashers which makes low noises. You can purchase that.

And the noise level is not too high that you can not tolerate. There will be a little bit noise while operation.

How to clean the dishwasher interior?

You don’t need to clean the dishwasher interior regularly because when you use it to wash the vessels, it will automatically wash the interior of the dishwasher. But once in a month or twice in a month you can wash the interior of the dishwasher. You can run a vinegar wash cycle or baking soda rinse cycle to wash the dishwasher. Just read the guidelines for the cleaning of a dishwasher before doing that for the first time.

May I wash the kid’s bottles or vessels using a dishwasher?

Yes, you can wash kid’s bottles or vessels using the dishwasher, and it is fully safe. Because when you run the washing cycle, the temperature of the water goes very high (near about 70 degree Celsius) which will eliminate all the germs and bacteria from the vessels. So, it is safe to use.

Are there any items which should not be washed using a dishwasher? 

There are some items which should not be washed using a dishwasher like pointed items (forks, knives, etc.). Because there will be a possibility that it may damage the interior of the dishwasher, so, avoid this type of items. And these are small items so you can manually wash them.

Why is the dishwasher not popular in India?

Dishwashers are extremely popular in western countries, and almost all families have a dishwasher in their home. But in India, dishwashers are not so popular. There are mainly two possible reasons for that.

The first reason that people think that the dishwasher can not wash the utensils properly. And cleaning performance is also very low when compared to manual washing. But the reality is the opposite. The dishwasher will clean the utensils very efficiently as compared to manual washing, and also it will reduce lots of effort along with time.

The second reason is the cost of the dishwasher is very high that many people can not afford it. This reason is quite true because dishwashers are costly appliance. And if you can afford that, then you must purchase a dishwasher because the lifespan of a dishwasher is high. Mean if you purchase a dishwasher, then you don’t have to think for the next 10 to 12 years.

What if the dishwasher display lights won’t work?

The three main reasons for this problem.

The power switch may not be turned on that is why the dishwasher displays are not lighting up.

In a few dishwasher models when the door is closed after loading all the clothes, the dishwasher display will automatically be turned off.

Similarly, in few models when the door is opened the dishwasher display will not glow.
If these three are not responsible for the display light up issue, then you should contact the technical assistant. There might be an issue with the display itself.

How to wash large items?

To wash large items like kadhai, you need a large space. And to increase the interior space of the dishwasher you can remove the upper rack and then place the large items. You can refer to YouTube videos to know more about this.

How to reset the dishwasher?

There is a different procedure to reset the dishwasher in different models. So, it is better to see the user manual and then use that method. You will get a user manual when you purchase a dishwasher so don’t worry about that where you will get the user manual.

This is all about frequently asked question in the article best dishwasher in India. These much FAQ is sufficient to know all about dishwashers.

Safety Tips :

(From User Manual you can read or skip this part because you will get the user manual when you purchase dishwasher)

Here are a few safety tips which are taken from the user manual of the dishwasher. You can either read or skip this part because, after purchase, you will get the dishwasher’s user manual.

  • Electrical connections must be proper and according to the power rating level of the dishwasher. And there must be a proper earthing connection before using the dishwasher for safety reasons.
  • Do not use the detergent, which you are used to washing utensils manually. There is a different detergent specifically for the dishwasher. Must use only dishwasher detergent.
  • Keep your young child away from the dishwasher and also the dishwasher detergent. 
  • If the temperature of the water is above 65 degrees Celsius, then change the water heater settings. You can also use a cold water supply to maintain the water temperature to 65 degrees Celsius. Just check the water temperature and ensure the water temperature is not more than 65 degrees Celsius.
  • It is not allowed to use any kind of solvents because it may cause fire or explosions.
  • It cannot spray water onto the dishwasher because it may lead to electric shock or electric circuit failure.

These are a few safety tips from the user manual. 

Final Words: 

If you have lots of work to do and utensil washing is one of them. Or you outsource the dishwashing work to a maid. But, Are you feeling anxious? Because your maid does not come in time. Or you have a headache that, today will maid come or not?

Don’t worry, to eliminate all your stress and efforts you just need a dishwasher. It will eliminate dependency on your maid forever.

We have discussed all the important points regrading dishwasher and along with a list of best dishwasher in India. And in this list all of the dishwasher have outstanding reviews and ratings on Amazon. These are the most dominating and excellent dishwasher. So make sure to choose one model from this list only.

I hope you get a piece of excellent knowledge about the best dishwashers, with different functions and attributes. To select the best one for you we recommend you, go for that model which offers a higher number of features.

The dishwasher is the type of appliance which you do not buy every day. So, the one-time investment should be on the excellent model. Now its up to you which model you want to select. Hope that you will find the suitable and best model from this list.

If you have any doubt, then you can ask us in the comment section. We will be happy to help you.

If you like the list of best dishwasher in India, the content and our efforts, then please share the article on different social media platforms.

Thank you so much for spending your valuable time with us.

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